"Mint payroll is a reliable company with great customer service! The staff are always knowledgeable and ready to help. They take time to know their customers business, and tailor the service to them. Thank you for consistently delivering high quality, reliable results for my company. "

Dr. Brian Chamberlain | Owner/Operator SuperSmile Orthodontics

"Mint Payroll is like that one kitchen drawer that collects all the things that you don’t know what else to do with, and it’s much more than payroll. From state and federal compliance, to tax prep and filings, Mint tackles the HR minutia that would otherwise be a shackle to my company's success. The Mint team is reliable and prompt, and after several years they have yet to let me down. From a business owner’s perspective, HR is one thing that must operate smoothly without a daily investment of my time. Mint allows me to shove things in “the drawer,” so to speak, with complete confidence that those issues will be resolved, in my favor, in short order. Thank you, Mint!"

"Mint Payroll has been a very valued partner to the success of Select Wealth Advisers. I have enough on my plate to worry about investment markets, clients and business development, the last thing I worry about is our payroll provider. I do not think there has been a time that I have called their office and my specialist has not been available, which if you ask is pretty often. I know I could easily log into my payroll report portal to look at analytics and reports, but my specialist has always been there when I needed her most. There are A LOT of other providers out there for this service, but at the end of the day it has never been and never will be about cost but rather value and that is what I am getting with Mint. THANK YOU"

"The employees at Mint are quick to respond and process our requests. They helped me get trained on their software and are helpful in answering any of my questions. They have made our payroll experience a smooth process, and we would highly recommend their services."

"Best Payroll Company Ever!

I have used several different companies over the last decade, Mint and their staff are second to none! They are attentive, highly engaged, and efficient.

Mint has gone above and beyond to provide us with amazing payroll, HR, and 401K planning assistance.

Pilar Apostalo, Practice Manager"

"The employees at Mint Payroll are always very helpful, whenever I have any questions, they are always there to help. They are very pleasant to work with, efficient and dependable. I would highly recommend their service."

Maribel E Monroe MD

"Mint Payroll is my payroll company of choice, hands down. Their staff are friendly, responsive and professional. Even during their busiest times, I’m never kept waiting for a report, no matter how tight the deadline. You really feel valued as a client and partner. Best yet, their rates are highly competitive! If you are looking for a payroll company with concierge service & great rates, look no further than Mint Payroll."

Sophia Peranteau
Employee Benefit Adviser
Optomis Insurance & Benefits