Have a look at our specialized services and see if they suit what you’re looking for.

  • Tax Return Processing
  • Online Time / Attendance
  • New Hire Reporting
  • General Ledger Interfacing
  • ACA Reporting
  • Employee Portal
  • Worker's Comp Admin
  • E-Stubs
  • 401K Admin
  • Direct deposits
  • Poster Compliance
  • Child Support/garnishments
  • On Line HR Library
  • Pay Cards
  • Remote Payroll
  • Web access to all reports
  • Legal Shield legal Services
  • Benefit Administration
  • Background and Drug Testing
  • Online employee training
  • HR Hotline
  • Full Service HR


Payroll Processing

Whether your payroll is submitted over the phone, fax, e-mail or you enter it yourself on our user friendly software, remotely or through the web, you will experience the ease of processing payroll with us. Our top notch specialists are always there when you are ready to submit your payroll.

Once it is processed, you will have real time access to your reports through your web portal and/or email. Accountants can be sent reports each time as well through e-mail.

Worker’s Comp, 401K, general ledger. They are all ready for upload immediately.

E-stubs, child supports and garnishments are transmitted electronically to all parties as soon as your payroll is processed.

We make processing payroll a timesaver for you, so that you can get back to the business of your business.


Mobile and Web Payroll

We have two platforms for client access to enter and process payroll on their own. Using Web Payroll, our clients can enter new hires, hours and submit for processing in a simple 1, 2, 3 format.

Our remote platform can be accessed from any computer with internet. A thin client download (from our website) can give our clients a robust processing system that allows employee entry, labor distribution, certified reporting, ACA set up and a pre-processing feature that allows you to run reports and verify payrolls before a single check is cut.


Time and Attendance

Our time and attendance platform can be customized to your needs. Web clock, mobile clock punching with GPS, timeclocks or a combination of these can create accuracy in timekeeping and reduce your costs by insuring data is accurately collected.

Rates, departments and jobs can be entered into the timekeeping module, creating a robust reporting experience within the system. Timekeeping integrates with the payroll software and processing is done only after our clients verify and submit, insuring accurate payroll.

Employee Portal

The employee portal offers employees access to their data online, making it more convenient to update personal information, reducing the number of requests sent to payroll and HR. Time off requests, paystubs, and W2s can be easily accessed through the portal. Companywide announcements and alerts can be sent through the portal and can prompt the employee if action is needed. Online benefits can be managed through the portal as well, reducing paper and freeing up HR personnel to focus on more strategic items.


HR Support

The HR support Center provides our clients with the tools they need to keep them in compliance. Information is power and immediate accessibility is vital to any business, small or large. With tiered service, we can customize your needs.


Additional Services

We offer many additional services that can help create a one stop shopping experience. Pay per payroll worker’s compensation, 401K administration and FSA administration are but a few of our satellite services. Background checks, legal services and pay cards can help insure your employees are safe and their paychecks are secure.

Whether you use only our processing service or all that we have to offer, you will always find outstanding quality and service.